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Hillside Villa at Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Resort: Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort

Appropriate for: Families, couples, Solo travelers

Resort Size: Large

Amenities: Tennis Court, Two pools, PADI Dive Center, free Wifi, Beachfront, Airport Shuttle, Breakfast Included. Canoes can be rented for a daytime activity.


The breakfast is generous to say the least. It provides an assortment of regular, vegetarian and vegan options. They cater to western tastes (scrambled eggs, oatmeal, bacon etc) and also local tastes. Coffee (hot or iced) is provided as well as various fresh juices. In this same restaurant, you can get an a la carte lunch or dinner.

Two other restaurants exist on the property. One Thai restaurant and a seafood restaurant on the beach. The seafood restaurant was often being used to weddings when we were there, so check availability before you make plans to go. Even if there’s an event, they will keep the bar (one of two on the property) open.

The Beach

The beach is large and the water is very clear. You should be aware that tides are pretty extreme in Thailand and throughout the day you gain and lose about a football field’s worth of beach. Otherwise, it’s private and you feel very secluded. Boats often line the beach for excursions.

View from the Dive Boat of Phi Phi Island

PADI Dive Center

The Padi Center is located behind the Activities building. I would recommend visiting the building just to see the clown fish that are part of a wildlife release program. The Dives are well priced and the instructors are hands on. You leave the from a smaller boat and load onto a two story dive boat that will take you to the locations. Lunch and snacks are provided with the dives as are wet suits, BCs, Regulators and fins.

Handigo App

When you arrive at the resort, you will be asked to download the Handigo App. This app will allow you to call a cart if you need a ride around the property, book excursions and spa treatments, text the hotel, make reservations and see restaurant menus. It’s incredibly convenient and made the stay seamless. The only thing that was confusing on the app was when you called the cart for a ride the app made it look like it wasn’t available until certain times. You can essentially ignore it, as they will come for you when you make the request.


There are many room options available, including some directly on the beach. We were upgraded to a villa when we arrived. Villas are much larger than the other rooms and have better views because they are on the hill tops. The location makes it further from the rest of the hotel, so if you get one you may be calling carts more often than you would like but walking is possible.

Infinity pools will help you take in the view of the mountain side and the terraces have plenty of outdoor seating. Large windows in the rooms, making the experience immersive as soon as you wake up in the comfortable beds. The bathroom wasn’t attached- so you have to leave the room to use it- and is not fully roofed so it’s a bit of an indoor/outdoor experience when you shower. There was an additional room in our villa that could be used as a separate bedroom and did have an attached and enclosed bathroom.

Surrounding Area

If you find your way to the tennis courts, you’ll see an exit from the hotel. Make a right and you’ll find a stretch of convenience stores and restaurants with prices lower than the hotel. That’s not the only road, however, and food is cheaper once you turn. You can also get Thai Massages for cheaper than at the hotel (although the hotel does have beach front massages, and the sound of the ocean is a nice addition). When you pass the massage parlors, you’ll come to a bridge that can lead you to an View Point going one direction and a relatively empty beach going the other. That beach used to be the beach front of a hotel that was destroyed during a tsunami in 2004. It hadn’t recovered when I went, but it did appear that some construction may be starting soon.


There are a lot of pricing options for the rooms if you buy directly from the website, I would suggest the Getaway Package which includes Breakfast as well as transportation from any hotels or the airport to the marina, a boat transfer, and a transfer on the way back as well as private shuttle to the airport or whatever hotel you are staying at in Phuket. Keep in mind, boat transfers happen only a few times a day so you may need to wait in their office at the marina until your time to leave occurs. They provide drinks and free Wifi at the Marina.

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation or any goods from the hotel to write this article. Clicking on affiliate links may, however, result in compensation from other companies. None of that compensation influenced anything written in this blog.

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